A wonderful community 

Today I was the featured speaker at our local St Cloud, Florida farmer’s market “Osceola County Grown”. It was such a pleasure to see so much of our community coming together to learn about the things that are so important to me. 

There were so many things to see and do. Three different barbecue set ups, live music, home made artisan goats milk soaps, artisan breads, woodworking, knife making, custom crafted pet treats, fresh raw milk, honey, grass fed beef, canned goods and baked goods, a children’s area with sock horses, the most wonderful jellies and jams, healthy snacks, and of course the very best fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables. 

I’m sure I’m forgetting a ton of stuff. My daughter and I had so much fun looking at everything and visiting with everyone. I saw old friends and made new friends. We met several wonderful folks from our local Facebook groups like “Florida Urban Homesteading” and the “Osceola Homesteaders Unite!” 

Although I hate public speaking, it was still a fun day. We are so blessed to have such a place like this in our community. I wish my wife had felt better and could have brought her and our other kids along, but maybe next time. If you get a chance to come to the market please do so. 

I hear they are having a barn raising soon to give all us vendors a place to sell under in all weather. I’m thinking I might have to pitch in and help raise some money for that. It will be so nice and as the market is such a bonus to our community I feel it is something I can support and get behind. 

 It’s sorta funny in a way. I’ve dreamed for years of having a place like this market. I move to Florida and struggle to even find a place to farm. I get sorta down and disgusted and finally just have a little talk with the big guy upstairs and say “Lord, if it’s meant to be… Find me a way”. Then it seems doors start opening. I really do feel God is leading me somewhere. Emily and I have talked about it at length and both just want what we had in Mississippi except we want it here. Peace, quiet, our little farm and our critters and just to raise our kids right. 
Days like today?
I feel we are on the right track. 



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