It could be me

this evening I was goofing off on Facebook and came across a post on our local rants and raves group that I want to share. I don’t usually do that, but this one spoke to me. 

Although I don’t usually mention it, I am a Christian and although I make no claims to being a good person and I’m sure no example to anyone, I think we all can do more than we do for our elderly. 

Our families are important. I feel family is the most important thing in our lives. But what of those who have no family, have outlived their freinds, who have no one?

Anyway, this post said it better than I could;

” Posted by Cristina Rabago, A Devoted Heart LLC on “Osceola Rants, Raves & Reviews List” on Facebook. ”

“”Today, as I drove to work this morning,  I was pondering on a thought. My uncle is ill, you see. He has been in ICU. Tomorrow will be a week. Doctors say there is no hope for improvement. I wondered what the nurses in the ICU were thinking every time visiting hours came about. The hospital in which he is in has a very strict visiting hour rule. They only allow visits for 1/2 hour every four hours. Not a rule that we like, I must add. Family members have come from all over. Every time one of those selected 1/2 hours comes around, three, four, five different family members, friends, loved ones enter that ICU. Every time we come to visit, coincidentally it is at a meal time, someone is there to assist with feeding him. We kiss him, hug him, make him laugh, stare at him with love and devotion in our hearts. So many have come. So many have stopped what they were doing. So many have taken the time to drive hours and hours to visit. To visit under such strict restrictions. What do the nursing staff think? Do they say, wow, this guy has a large family? How many others in that unit have not had any visitors at all? Then, my clients come to mind. How sad that they do not have this. How sad that when they get hospitalized, no one comes to visit. No one but Alexia, Debra, Alex or myself. Not always all of us to be honest. Sometimes, it may go a couple of days in between before one of us returns. Sometimes, we may not stay very long. But where is family? Where are friends? Where are they? Everyone has lived a life and in that life every one of us have known someone. Why are these people so alone? It just seems so sad to me. It breaks my heart. I am thankful to have such a large and united family. I hope that continues until I am old and in need of their love and attention. I would not want to be alone. So many seniors out there all alone. Only thing we can do is to reach out to them. Befriend them. Be there for them. Remember your neighbors, church members, not the ones you talk to every time you see them, the ones who don’t. The ones who seem secluded. The ones who never come out of their homes. The ones who sit alone on a pew at church. The ones who roam our streets and are homeless. Everyone needs someone! JUST MY THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY! “”


 I was lucky enough to be there for both of my grandparents in their final years. I even moved from my home at the time in Missouri back to Mississippi and lived next door to my grandfather and was with him every single day his last few years. 

But someday it will be me. Who will care for me? Love me, feed me, keep me company?

What could a visit, a phone call, a card or some flowers mean to someone with no one?

Just something to think on the next time you see someone alone. 



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