Older Projects

It’s been a scorcher today. I don’t feel like I got much done, but I did get a new blank dug out of the pile to make a new bench. 

I love working with wood and like to make interesting stuff out of things most folks would just throw away. This old wood stove I thought made a cute planter at the back of our incubator shed. It has moss rose growing in the top, English ivy in the bottom door and variegated monkey grass in the stovepipe. It’s much fuller now, this picture is a few years old. It was out behind our old auction building in a pile of scrap metal, but I decided it was worth more to me as a planter. 

Here is a bench/coffee table I made for my mom last year. The base is a massive piece of a cypress limb and the top was made from a piece of gnarly diseased Drake Elm. It turned out being one of my favorite pieces, even if it did take my almost 8 months to build. Sometimes being a perfectionist is a bit of a headache. I actually made it for her to sit out in her flower garden, but she put it inside and uses it for a coffee table. 

This planter was made from a naturally hollow cypress limb section. It just had character and was begging to be a planter so I obliged it. It’s simple. It’s nothing special. But I like it. 

I was walking through the pasture this spring and noticed a neat old camphor limb laying near our burn pile. I thought it looked like it wanted to be a plant stand. So with a little work and some rounds and a base slab from a larger camphor log it slowly came to be. My friend Pat has this in the corner of her dining room now and she loves it. 

We have made lots of little benches and tables. Oak, camphor, pine, cedar, bottlebrush and other exotic and common woods. This one is cypress with lighter knot pine post legs. My father in law made this one, I just helped deliver and set it up. Its representative of many we make though. 

 These were just some smaller ones that I thought looked nice. 

I wanted to post some of my cabinetry but couldn’t find any pictures on this phone except the picture of one full of home canned veggies. I wish I had better pictures because I remodeled my entire living and dining room in knotty white pine. Everything is built in from the entertainment center to the wood box for the heating stove. 

I’ve already posted pictures of the old barn I rebuilt on other earlier posts. Here is another of the hallway though. I love the way it turned out. You can see the lumber is a mixture of old used rough sawn sawmill lumber and painted finished lumber in all different sizes. The bar across the front is an antique buggy axle and if you look close you will find an old Colt pistol frame and even an antique catcher’s mask hanging on the outside. What you can’t see from this picture is my prized “hopalong Cassidy” paper milk carton which is on the inside up high out of the weather. 

And a bull pen/catch chute I built for my father in law. This was taken before it was finished. It was made out of some pretty massive boards we cut on the sawmill out of old electric poles. It will definitely hold a bull. Or an elephant for that mater. 

You can see the hay rack and the start of my pigeon coop in the background of this picture. It was built onto the back of my hay room in the equipment shed. All I had to do was pitch a bale through the opening in the back wall straight into the hay rack. It sure saved a lot of hauling. It worked good for our horses, the family milk cow and the goats. The round thing you see in front of it is a compost ring. 

I’ve even built a few rodent breeder racks for the store. I need to make a lot more of these if I ever get the right lumber cut. This was my own design as I had never seen one that had all the features I wanted. Not only do they work well, I’ve had several individuals ask for me to build some more to sell. It’s on my to-do list. 

I’m always working on something. I love building and turning junk into useful items. I can’t abide waste. Even the little short pieces I can usually build something out of even if it’s just a boot jack or a bird house. 

I’ve got to go pick up some old oak trunk sections out of a lady’s yard in the next few days…. I wonder if they would like to be turned into something useful?

We will see. 


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