We Have Internet!

I had forgotten how it felt to be able to use my laptop instead of the phone to get online. I’ve not been posting lately because I could never get a good enough connection to post. Today Em was able to finally find a company that would service our area and work out a payment plan for the hook up fees. Now Em can go back to buying and selling from home and have something to keep her occupied while shes unable to work until the baby gets here, and I can post on my blog again.

Life is good. We are happy here in our little country home. The girls are in school and are doing well, Connor is growing and is acting so much better now that Mommy is home and he has more structure. He still isn’t talking, but he is getting closer I think. All three kids are so much happier.


We have been blessed in this life. I know a lot of folks would be complaining and whining in our situation but all I can think is how blessed we truly are. We’ve got a roof over our heads, food on the table, we are day by day getting things back together and at the end of the day we have each other. I’m working for my best friend doing plumbing and electrical work along with some remodeling. Sometimes I make pretty good, other times it’s slow, but it’s a good job. When I come home I have my kids and my wife waiting on me. I’m able to go out and sit under the shade trees and watch the kids play and watch the critters and relax. Relaxing is something I haven’t been able to do in several years. It feels good.


I’ve been sick this week. Today I felt a little better and was able to go walk around the farm and get a better idea of all the things that will need my attention soon. The roof on the house is starting to leak a little around the skylight in the master bath, so I’ll need to pressure wash the roof and re-coat it soon. The side shed on the barn will have to have the roof completely replaced. I’ve been patching it for years and there is just not much more I can do except replace it. Over all the barn is in pretty good shape though. I’ll have a lot of cleaning to do and a few boards and such to replace here and there, I’ve got two doors to the stables I’ll need to repair and almost all the feeders and waterers are rusted out and will need replaced. I’ve found several items that I had hanging in and on the barn that have came up missing. I’m not going to stress on that stuff though, karma will take care of it someday. Or a 12 gauge if I catch them in the act. I’ve got around 1,100 feet of fence to buy and install. The garden needs lots of compost and some raised beds built. Our old late 1950’s Ford 800 tractor will need to be rebuilt before it can be used. The driveway needs to be leveled and gravel brought in. The shed we are going to use for our incubators and small animals will need to be totally redone and water and electric ran to it. I need feed bunks and hay racks in the stables. And that’s just a start. It’s going to take me several years unless I can figure something out, but that’s ok. I’ve got the rest of my life. What’s meant to be will be and if it’s meant to be I’ll find a way.

We’ve already came a long way in the past couple of months. Emily is home and feels so much better. No PICC lines now and she’s eating and able to do light stuff around the house. We all missed her when she was hospitalized.

We have eggs in the incubator and more on the way. We are slowly building our flocks back up and in the process of getting our new NPIP number and state egg license. I’m currently doing the paperwork for a spring 2016 CSA with vegetable and egg shares and possibly chicken, pork and lamb shares. We will be selling from our own produce stand here at the farm and also at two of the local farmer’s markets and I’m looking into a once a week delivery to either Tupelo or Memphis. If we can just make it through this fall and winter I’m very confident we will be ok.

We’ve got family coming to visit soon from out of state and we are excited about that. It will be so nice to be able to just sit and visit!

Life is good.


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