First Frost

It finally got cold enough for a fire last night and we had a good frost. The temperature dropped down to 34%.  Just a tiny fire, enough to knock the chill from the air. There is something about a fire though that makes a house feel so cozy. I sure do love our wood heater. 

I have been neglecting my blog lately. I get up before daylight and get home after dark most nights and have just been too tired and stressed to write. This weekend I’ve had a banged up leg from an accident at work and I’ve got a cold so I’ve been pretty miserable. Eventually things will even out and maybe I can get back to posting regularly. 

Em has been busy at home hatching lots of chicken eggs to build up our flocks. We’ve hatched out lots of Seramas, some gold laced Brahmas, Ayam Cemanai, gold and silver laced Seabrights and she has about three dozen eggs in the hatcher now from a lady with lots of show stock, but the eggs were unmarked, so they will be surprises. She’s also hatching yard chicks for a friend. 

It seems I’m spinning my wheels most of the time, but the farm is growing I suppose. We have quite a few critters now and hope to have more as soon as we get all our bills caught up. We have our three meat hogs, a trio of potbelly pigs, three mini horses, our three dogs, a trio of Sebastipol geese, a pair of bourbon red turkeys, a trio of Muscovy ducks, lots of rabbits, our chickens and baby chicks, a pair of peafowl, red golden pheasants and ring neck pheasants. 

Em has been hurting today. She thinks she’s in labor, so we are just hoping she can hold out until November 5th. We have to get things caught up and get the house ready soon. Her nesting instincts are working overdrive right now. I’m prayong she can hold out until Pat gets here, because I am not going to be able to do this alone lol. 

Time to get my old banged up butt in bed and take my NyQuil. 


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