Wishing for spring

It’s so cold today. Or maybe it’s just me. I’ve been sick for several days now with a winter cold. I can’t sleep because I’ll start coughing and wake up sick. Today I’m just miserable. I feel really rotten. 

Spring is coming soon though and I have so much to do to get ready for the new season. I should have had the cool weather crops like cabbage, onions, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts already started indoors. I still need to finish clearing the garden spot and getting the compost tilled in. Em is wanting to buy a milk cow next month, so I’ve got to get the barn fixed and new fences up. It never ends on a homestead but it’s the life I love. 

Em’s baking and candy making side of things is coming along great! She has orders for both bread and candy today. It’s going to be a good help paying the bills and getting the farm going again. I have got to find a way somehow to buy her a good stand mixer though along with bread bags, a printer that can print labels and a few mixing bowls and such. I am so darn proud of her and all she is doing. 

Rhiannon is wanting to start making goats milk soaps and we are going to put her in charge of the cutesy decorating stuff. She’s good at that. She comes up with some pretty cool ideas. 

I can’t wait until spring and to get the farm stand built. I can picture it now with all the fresh vegetables, baked goods, candies, soaps, herbs, fresh flowers, canned goods and other goodies. It’s going to be a life-long dream come true. 

The CSA farm shares are ready to start taking orders on now for pickup starting in April. I still have a ton of stuff to buy like more seeds and compost, but it’s getting there. I’m excited to get started. The great part is we will be adding so much more as time goes on. With the first years profits we will be setting out lots more fruit trees, assorted berries, but trees, grapes and muscadine vines and building a greenhouse to extend the season for following years. 

I’ve looked into getting farm loans and grants and it’s just impossible for a small farm like ours. Since we can’t borrow any money to get started we will just have to do it the way we have done everything else and figure out inventive ways to raise the cash we need. Right now we have lots of pigs and I could buy more from a friend if we get any good orders on pork. We are wanting to raise meat chickens if we get enough people interested. We have a chance to buy a good milk cow and a couple of beef steers. Em is baking her heart out and raising all she can that way. It will all work out. 

I have had a good life. And God willing?
It will only get better.