Spring Has Sprung 

Wow! Two months since I’ve had a chance to write on my blog!

Life is good here on the farm. I’ve been working non-stop it seems, but we are finally about caught up again and starting to plan our projects for this year. So much to share…

The youngest of the Lambert tribe is growing sooo fast! He is coming up on five months old now and is a lil chunky monkey. He is cutting two teeth on the bottom and a bit fussy, but growing quick. He is turning over and starting to crawl, he just hasn’t learned to use his legs and hands at the same time. We can’t leave him in his little rocky thinggy without keeping a close eye on him because he just flips out of it. I just love coming home and listening to him babble at his daddy. 

Connor is finally talking. He has started putting words together and making sentences now. Of course he still jibber jabbers a lot too, but every day he is talking plainer and clearer. We have been worried about his speech, but I think he’s gonna be ok. 

Lilykid is still doing great in school and is a lil farmer like her daddy. She loves going out to feed the critters with me and she’s helping me plant the garden too. She’s as country as a kid can get. 

Rhiannon is doing great in school and doing great with her driving. We are hoping to help her get her first car this summer. While farming isn’t her thing, she’s a good youngun and we are very proud of her. I don’t know how we could have made it through Em being sick without her helping. 

And then there’s Em. I could do none of this without her. She’s my rock, my sanity. She takes care of us all. No matter what time I get off work she’s always waiting up for me, even if it’s midnight. She makes sure I eat, nags after my health and always has a hug and a shoulder when I’m sick or just letting life get me down. Every day I thank God for her. 

The farm is coming along. Just this week we were finally able to get some black giant chicks from a top breeder that I’ve been dreaming of for years. We’ve got the sportsman incubator full of hatching eggs and more heritage Rhode Island Red chicks on the way. Em has a trio of gold laced brahmas, her show quality white runner ducks and her peafowl. Plus the Guineas, pheasants, geese, ducks and all the other breeds of chickens we have. 

We’ve started planting the garden. Sweet peas, carrots, radishes, lettuces and specialty greens are already up and if it works out and I have help, cabbage, onions, and a few other things will go in the ground tomorrow. Still a lot of work to do, but it’s started. 

Just this last week I was able to process the four smaller pigs that weren’t growing to suit me. We wound up with almost 200 pounds of boneless pork in the freezer. What a wonderful feeling to open the door and see that!  Plus we have the five largest left to grow more and pack on the weight for next fall. 

I think tomorrow I’ll have a cleaning day here at the farm. I’ve got to get some ditches dig, lots of raking and finish trimming the trees. Deadfall limbs need to be gathered and burned, fences need to be put up and stables and coops need cleaned. We’ve hired a friend to come help some next week, but if I’m off tomorrow I’m gonna get started on it early. 

So much more I need to write about but Em just finished making a huge pot of her famous potato soup and it’s calling my name!