Another Day

So many things going on in my head tonight. Em has been pretty sick and I was here all day trying to take care of her and the kiddos and haven’t felt great myself. Lots of time to think on things, but no closer to any answers. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do. 

We had a new baby goat born this week. Em sold it even though it was a nanny because it’s crossed and I want to stay with pygmies for now. Cute lil cuss though, and going to a great home. I never fail to be humbled at the miracle of new life. It gets me every time. 


We also had the calf arrive finally. The good news is the cow and calf both are doing good and the cow is already milking great. Yesterday we got about six gallons of milk but today we only got around four. Her bag is still tight though, so she hasn’t completely dropped her milk yet. She’s going to be a good family milk cow.  The bad news is she has very short teats in the back, so a bit tough to hand milk. Also the calf is a darn lil bull. 

We put him on a bottle and he’s doing ok. Em and the kids are getting attached already although they know he’s got to be ate or sold, we just don’t have room for a bull. Em wants me to cut him and train him to be a draft steer. 

I dunno though. I’m getting a little long in the tooth to be breaking a darn steer to pull a cart. Especially since I have no one to help me around here. On the other hand, a bottle bull calf is worth a few hundred at most and a good ox is worth at least fifteen hundred. Humm. 

We have got to get a milk refrigerator as soon as possible or we will be wasting a ton of milk. We also need a part for our hand powered mechanical Milker, a few dozen glass milk bottles with lids, bottle carriers, new filters and stainless milking buckets, teat dip, a new strip cup… Dang. Just a lot of stuff. 

Last night I had a cold glass of fresh milk from our own cow for the first time in three years. Words can’t describe how good it was. I was raised on raw milk and that store bought crap just tastes like a gallon of water with a few spoonfuls of milk added. Now I can have all the fresh pure milk I want.  And soon we will have fresh butter, buttermilk, yogurt and cheeses. And best of all fresh cream to spoon over my garden strawberries!

There are so many things I need to get done here. The farm is right on the cusp of making us a living. We’ve got milk, butter and soon cheeses, we have eggs and several good breeds of heritage poultry. We’ve got lots of pork, poultry and soon sheep and goats we can sell meat shares on. The garden will do great if I ever get time to get it all in the ground. Fruits, nuts and berries are all around the farm. Em is doing great selling all our products and we have still got all out farmers markets and the cottage crafts coming soon like baked goods, candies, soaps, canned goods and such. 

Somehow I’ve just got to get ahead enough to get a farm truck, the French drains installed, the fencing and shelters for the critters and all the million other things done. 

I guess I’ll just do it like I’ve done everything else in my life – bow my head and dig in with both feet, grit my teeth and keep swinging until something gives. 

I’ve got the best wife a man could ask for, great kids and friends that believe in me and give me moral support. I’m so blessed. And thankful. 

Most of all I’m thankful I am able to chase my dreams even if that dream is just to be a simple dirt farmer. 


Ready To Get To Building

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post here on my blog. Between work and life there just hasn’t been time. Today I am home sick so taking the time to write a bit. 

Fist off, yesterday was a weird day. I got sick yesterday evening so I came home early and happened to look at my phone and had a notification from WordPress that my blog was having the best day ever. Weird because I haven’t even logged in for a month. When I went to see what was going on it showed 53 views and 22 shares of my post from last year “throw away boy”. What’s even more confusing is I couldn’t see where any of my friends shared it and it was showing all the hits were from Facebook. While I’m proud people seem to like my blog, this was definitely an odd thing. Heck, I think only two people shared that post when I made it!

 In other news I’m stumped. Life here on the farm is great. We are so blessed. We have, as a family, accomplished so much in the past year. But I’m at a standstill at the moment. We have got to get the materials and equipment to continue growing and building. I’ve looked everywhere online and danged if I can find anyplace that makes small farm loans. Millions of dollars to mega farms sure, but not to real farmers working small family farms. Everything I am reading just says to borrow from family or friends. Lol, that’s funny. If my friends and family had any money I wouldn’t need a loan lol. 

We need stuff like hand tools, a garden tiller, fencing, lumber, field line for French drains, a farm truck, a mower and weedeater, soil amendments, a small chain saw, and the list goes on. 

(Not my truck…. But would be if I wasn’t broke lol!)  
The garden is started, Em is selling chicks and such as fast as we can hatch them and we’ve got folks waiting on milk, veggies, soaps, canned goods and many other things. I just wish I could get it all rolling again. It’s the first time I’ve had to start with none of the basic stuff. 


What’s meant to be will be. I’ve got a good wife, great kids, wonderful friends and a will to succeed. I’ve got my faith and my hands. 

Life is good. And I’m a lucky fella.