Ready To Get To Building

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post here on my blog. Between work and life there just hasn’t been time. Today I am home sick so taking the time to write a bit. 

Fist off, yesterday was a weird day. I got sick yesterday evening so I came home early and happened to look at my phone and had a notification from WordPress that my blog was having the best day ever. Weird because I haven’t even logged in for a month. When I went to see what was going on it showed 53 views and 22 shares of my post from last year “throw away boy”. What’s even more confusing is I couldn’t see where any of my friends shared it and it was showing all the hits were from Facebook. While I’m proud people seem to like my blog, this was definitely an odd thing. Heck, I think only two people shared that post when I made it!

 In other news I’m stumped. Life here on the farm is great. We are so blessed. We have, as a family, accomplished so much in the past year. But I’m at a standstill at the moment. We have got to get the materials and equipment to continue growing and building. I’ve looked everywhere online and danged if I can find anyplace that makes small farm loans. Millions of dollars to mega farms sure, but not to real farmers working small family farms. Everything I am reading just says to borrow from family or friends. Lol, that’s funny. If my friends and family had any money I wouldn’t need a loan lol. 

We need stuff like hand tools, a garden tiller, fencing, lumber, field line for French drains, a farm truck, a mower and weedeater, soil amendments, a small chain saw, and the list goes on. 

(Not my truck…. But would be if I wasn’t broke lol!)  
The garden is started, Em is selling chicks and such as fast as we can hatch them and we’ve got folks waiting on milk, veggies, soaps, canned goods and many other things. I just wish I could get it all rolling again. It’s the first time I’ve had to start with none of the basic stuff. 


What’s meant to be will be. I’ve got a good wife, great kids, wonderful friends and a will to succeed. I’ve got my faith and my hands. 

Life is good. And I’m a lucky fella. 



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