Mother’s Day Gift To My Wife


When you wake in the morning babe, it will be Mother’s day. That special day set aside to honor all Mothers, and God knows you deserve my honor and respect.

You are a great Mom and a wonderful wife. You get up at dawn, feed and change the baby, help get the girls off to school, go out and milk the cow, bring the milk in and strain it. You clean and sterilize all the equipment then get Con up, change him and get him dressed and then cook breakfast. You cook our supper and be sure and take care of all of us in the evenings and somehow find time during the day to feed all the critters, take care of the kids, clean the house, do laundry, list and sell all our farm products and a hundred other things you think no one ever notices.


I notice.


I want to get you the things you deserve. I really do Babe. You deserve nice things. But we are poor. I work hard, but this weeks check won’t even cover half the bills that are due. So no fancy candy, no beautiful cards, no nice meal at a sit down restaurant, and none of the other things I want so bad to be able to do for you.

All I can give you is the things I have.


I give you these hands. Rough, scarred, knotted and usually dirty. But they work hard for you. Every day. And will work for you and the kids as long as I can draw a breath.

I give you these knees. The first area to wear out on my old jeans. Whether kneeling in prayer or crawling down the rows in the garden weeding, these knees are yours.

This old gray head. Constantly thinking ahead, trying to figure out ways to make our life better.

These shoulders. Here to lean on no matter what life throws at us. A place to lay your head every night and wide enough to carry the burdens I try to save you from.

These arms that hold you when you need a hug, that wrap around you and protect you from harm.

This back that gets up when someone threatens our family and that is strong enough to keep fighting when it’s against the wall.

This heart of mine. It’s been broken and its been hurt, but you have healed it and it’s yours. It’s full of love for you and always will be.

I can’t give you much Babe.

All I can give you is me.

Happy Mother’s day my love.



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