Who is mississippifarmboy?

Today is when a true country boy meets modern technology.

I’ve always wanted to share stories from my life growing up in the country and the day-to-day joys, obstacles and triumphs of being a dirt farmer in a modern world with others who are interested.  I’m hoping this blog will be a way to join my writings and reflections of the past together with pictures, stories and updates on my daily journey.


I am not a professional writer, I have no great formal education, and I’m sure I wouldn’t be accused of being the sharpest knife in the drawer. What I am is a fella with fair to middling skills in most things that are totally outdated and becoming lost to the modern generation. I am sometimes blunt, often sarcastic and tend to ramble. I plan on writing what’s on my mind and being politically correct is not my style. I’m painfully honest and have no people skills according to my lovely wife.

I guess mississippifarmboy is a pretty self explanatory name. I was raised in northeast Mississippi right near the Tennessee and Alabama state lines. I picked up the nickname years ago when I lived in Missouri and over the years have used it on several websites because I have no imagination and it fits. I’ve also had three dogs in my life named “brown dog”. Original? Nope. But they all came when I called them. Did I mention I have no imagination?

My name is Terry. I am currently living on a 35 acre farm belonging to my in laws in St. Cloud Florida in Osceola county. As of today I’m 49 years old, a husband, a father, a farmer, a tree trimmer, and a part owner in a local pet shop. I don’t drink, I don’t use drugs (even prescription drugs unless its a have-to thing), and I’m trying hard to quit smoking. I’m country. I don’t even own a tie, dress shoes or a nice jacket. You will find me the same any day, jeans, a button-up shirt and work boots. I work outdoors for a living so most of the time i’m going to be dirty and in dire need of a fresh haircut and a beard trim. I’m not a very social man, I’m happiest when I’m working in my garden or tending my stock.

I can’t get my head around higher math like algebra or calculus, I’ve never had and seldom ever wanted to have a lot of money, I don’t own a new car or any jewelry other than my wedding ring. I don’t wear a watch but I can guess the time within 20 minutes by the sun. I don’t enjoy going out in public and I mis-pronounce words because I’m mainly self educated. I know the meanings, but I keep my wife in stitches with my mangling of the English language. Computers and mechanics make my head hurt.

I can however raise a garden, butcher a hog and cure the meat, build a cabin, plow with a mule, hunt, fish, trap vermin or meat, gather foodstuffs from the wild, can and preserve nature’s bounty, drive a tractor, save my own seed, train a dog or a horse, make my own leather, sew, forge a knife or tool, make all kinds of woodwork, safely ford a stream, knap an arrowhead and form my own bow, line breed to improve my stock, shear a sheep, cush a camel, stitch my own wounds and make a tincture, raise a child, build a root cellar, make soap, ferment kraut, build a fence out of most anything, fight a man or love a woman, and I’m old enough to know why you need both red and white corncobs in the outhouse.

So if you are country too, or just interested in reading how it is done and how it used to be… Welcome.

Come journey with me.

(All pictures I use in my blogs are mine. Most were taken by me, the rest are mainly old family photos. I do not use stock photography. If you use any of my pictures or content I ask that you give me credit and link back to this blog. I retain all ownership of my photos and content.)