Seeking inspiration 

Sometimes when I’m seeking inspiration on what to write about I go through old pictures. I see memories, lessons learned, projects finished and ideas I forgot. I tend to take pictures of the dangdest stuff. An interesting piece of wood, a new calf, flowers, the ripples on a pond.

Today I’m so tired I can hardly walk. Between working and taking care of Em and the kids I stay tired and when you add in all the grocery shopping, errands and such I get very little sleep or rest. Since Em has been sick I’ve gained a whole new respect for all the little things she used to be able to do like taking the kids to school, paying bills, going to the bank, cooking supper and doing laundry.

Then sometimes I get grumpy. I guess everyone gets that way, but once I get a little rest I always feel like a heel for being a mean old grouch. Luckily she loves me and overlooks my failings.

Yesterday I was just too beat to post anything on my blog, and today I know I’m rambling. I have so many things I want to write about, but today will not be a detailed story day. Today I just want to take a nap. I won’t get to, there’s too much to be done, but oh Lord I want to.

I’ve still got to go pick up Rhiannon, figure out something for supper, work out at the sawmill a bit, get some more laundry going, and I have gardening to do. I worked this morning on the school garden I sponsor, but my own needs attention today also.

It’s a beautiful day. I need to get my butt in gear and get something productive accomplished today. As Pa would say “I’m burning daylight!”



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